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Best SEO techniques to use on your YouTube channel

Best SEO techniques to use on your YouTube channel
Best SEO techniques to use on your YouTube channel

Best SEO techniques to use on your YouTube channel. We are not unknown to the benefits of SEO. SEO practices can make a website go from rags to riches without having to pay much. SEO can be applied anywhere and everywhere. From websites to blogs to articles to videos, SEO has great importance in any type of content. One of the main reasons is because SEO helps to boost the ranking of your content without you spending money or doing any extra efforts for your website. Whenever you want to increase your brand engagement or boost your brand presence, all you have to do is follow some SEO practices and you are good to go.

Now you can also optimize your YouTube videos for better views and engagement. Videos can be the best way to boost your brand engagement as most people prefer visuals over written content. Videos can make a great impact on your viewers and increase your brand presence online. If you have started a YouTube channel and you want to know about the best SEO tricks to increase your views and subscribers then we bring you the best SEO technique to use on your YouTube channel.

Make a catchy title:

Choosing a catchy title for your YouTube videos is one of the most important steps that can help you grab the attention of the viewers. when you put out a video on YouTube the first thing that a user interacts with is the title of your video. it decides whether the viewers will further engage with your content or not and this is one of the main reasons why a catchy and engaging title is very important while making a YouTube video. whenever you are making a video make sure to add relevant keywords in your title. This is one of the best ways to rank your video higher in the search engine and optimize it for more views.

Video Keyword Research:

In order to rank your video in the search engine and to optimize it for online platforms like YouTube and Google you will have to look for keywords to include in your description, title and thumbnail. But it is very important to find the right keywords that are relevant to your content. Putting the right keywords is a white hat SEO tactic that will help Google find your content and categories it. When you use keywords Google is able to display your content in different search results. While choosing a keyword for your video, look for keywords that have been used less and are relevant to your content. Be more specific about the keywords, define your niche while adding the keywords. Long-tail keywords are the best way to make your videos rank for specific search results.

Add descriptions to your videos:

It is very important to put a description to your YouTube video. When you add a description in your YouTube video, you help Google and YouTube understand the context of your video. The better Google and YouTube understand the context of your video, the higher will your ranking be. Now, what is the importance of running high? It is simple. When you rank high in the search results, you can easily expect to get more views on your video. So whenever you plan to write a good description for your video, make sure that it is short and crisp. The ideal description should not be more than 250-300 words. And when you plan on writing your description, make sure to include the keyword in the first 20 words. Try to use your keyword at least twice or thrice in the description to make it look more relevant.

Add keywords to your thumbnail:

A thumbnail is a picture or display that briefly introduces the audience to your video. It is a glimpse of what your video is about. A catchy thumbnail can increase the curiosity of the audience. You can add important information to your thumbnail like your title, you can add images, clipart and make it catchy and artistic. A good thumbnail attracts more crowds. You can also add keywords to your thumbnail to synchronies the content of the video with the title, description and video. Make sure that your thumbnail is clear, catchy and includes all the important information.

If you want more assistance then you can look up experienced SEO companies in India and learn a lot more about how to optimize your videos for search engines. It is one of the best practices which you can apply to your videos and gain good engagement without spending a lot of money.





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