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Modern Technology Mobile App Development Cost

Modern Technology Mobile App Development Cost
Modern Technology Mobile App Development Cost

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Modern Technology Mobile App Development Cost. The mobile app development cost is not static. The cost varies according to the type of app, the features required by these apps. And the software consulting companies you hire. You should understand the type of app you intend to develop and finalize the features and elements and then hire the mobile app development company. Know more about the mobile app development cost before deciding your budget to develop apps for your business.


Mobiles have become an integral part of our lives. Different mobile applications have made our lives easy. As well as we can plan holidays, book flights, surf the web, do shopping, buy groceries, schedule a workout, get a cab, pay bills, transfer money to a bank account using these mobile apps with just a click. Mobile apps also help businesses to grow as it offers an opportunity to get connected with the end-users. Many software consulting companies can help you with the development of a mobile app for your business.

Stats Showing the Need for the Mobile App for Businesses

● Mobile apps offer an excellent way for businesses to increase sales, stay connected with end-users and clients, and improve their brand. Here are some statistics that prove the importance of a mobile app for a business to grow:
● According to a survey, around 178 billion apps were downloaded in 2017, which increased to 205 billion in 2018. This number will grow to up to 258 billion in 2021.
● Google think As per a study, around 26% of customers explore the product on a branded app first before searching on a search engine.
● Smartphone user opens around 35 apps. And is used on a Smartphone in a month according to App Annie. With the top 20% of users using 45 apps.
● By research  Smart Insights, an average mobile user uses more than twice. The minutes used by desktop users. Which is true for countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain, China, Indonesia.

Cost of Mobile App Development

The cost of developing a mobile app can never be static, as it depends on various preferences. This is because it is dependent on several factors. These factors include the type of mobile application, the technology used for the development, the app is basic or an advanced type, the features, business model, and functionalities required. Another major factor affecting the cost is the software consulting companies you choose to pay for your app. Many top mobile app development companies offer the best and bug-free mobile apps. Here is the Modern Technology Mobile App Development Cost that you need to incur depending upon the type of app.

Stats Showing the Need for the Mobile App for Businesses

1. Basic mobile app:

The basic mobile apps are simple apps that have 5-6 screens and do not need an internet connection or any back-end facilities. There should be a clear purpose behind developing these apps.
Examples of primary apps include SMS, Camera, Calculator, Clock, Local games, local audio players.
App cost: > $15,000
Development time: 1 month

2. Authentication apps having complex login feature

Authentication apps are costly and complex. It has data syncing features, collaborative features such as inviting a friend, push notifications, etc.
Examples of these apps include Gmail, Google Drive, Bible app, etc.
App cost: > $10,000
Development time: >12 weeks

3. Social Networking apps

Social networking apps are also costly. These are costly due to the complex features they offer. The features include interaction with other apps such as Gallery, players, SMS, etc., expand social networks, and meet people of different interests. There are many social networking apps, which have dominated the market today.
Examples include Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.
App cost: Starts from $15,000
Development time: 10-20 weeks

4. On-demand applications

These are highly demanded apps for businesses and users. These have advanced features such as login and share the app with friends. The app not only fulfills the user needs immediately but also benefits the businesses. These apps are available for both iOS as well as Android platforms.
Examples of these apps include Uber, Urbanclap, Uber eats, Nimber, Swiggy, etc.
App cost: Starts at $10,000
Development time: 4-6 months

5. Data-driven apps

These apps use and process specific information only or include some additional features to the software. They use API information from third parties. These are generally the extensions of large software. These apps are not very common but still exist in case someone wants to access these features. They are costly apps as they need back-end work.
Examples of these apps include Weather, Calendar, Maps, Stocks, etc.
App cost: >$15,000
Development time: 1-1.5 months

6. E-commerce apps

E-commerce apps include features such as user login, user registration, and social features. The apps have product catalogs, pages with products, and a check out system that ends with payment transactions. These are complicated apps as these need an admin panel that takes care of orders, payments, catalog pages, inventories, user management, etc.
Examples of these apps include Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc.
App cost: Ranges between $60,000 and $2,30,000 or even more
Development time: 3-9 months

7. Virtual and augmented reality-based apps

These are other trending apps in mobile applications. AR apps take pictures and merge them with animated graphics generated by computers. The VR apps are even complex as they take the user to a virtual world using a head-mounted display. These apps involve complex architecture; therefore, they must be developed by one of the top mobile app development companies.


The mobile development cost varies depending upon various factors and the development company you hire. Now, you are familiar with the cost involved in mobile app development. Choose one of the top mobile app development companies and get the best mobile app for your business. We hope the information mentioned in this article helps you resolve all your doubts related to mobile app development.



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