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Quality Content

The prominent feature of this blog is the quality content written by a professional team of journalists on various topics proven with facts and figures.


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Writers Guidelines

We encourage the rising talents around us. You can submit your self-written (NOT AI-generated) content as a guest speaker, but you have to follow the rules mentioned below:

  • Please do a thorough web research and write all aspects of the topic you have selected
  • The content should be human-readable, well-researched, and free from grammar error
  • Do not include external links to promotional sites, such as product pages, product reviews, sales content, product selling pages, etc.
  • It must follow the Google Guidelines, and the content should be based on E.A.T principles.
  • The attributes of external links in the content body will be according to SEO guidelines by Google spam policy
  • The content length should be a minimum of 1000 words, and the subject should be complete in all respect

The list of rules isn’t long enough, and anyone can follow it easily. We are well aware of the fact that people pitch for guest posts for free and later they include external links to the pages for promotions or sell backlinks, so, please avoid such activity and follow the rules strictly.