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Building an Effective Social Media Presence Is Like Growing a Garden


Many people think that if they launch a marketing campaign on social media, they will have more friends and followers, Y2mate to know about youtube, increase their email list by thousands and suddenly earn an income of six people in a very short time. I’ve had a lot of clients and potential customers who believe that within 3 months, they should be in that category and think that if I can make that happen to them, I don’t deserve my weight with salt. 

This kind of thinking is the fault of so-called online gurus who make stupid promises and forget to mention the amount of money and time they invest in order to come up with these numbers (which may or may not be done).

Of course, there are some people who have grown their followers and the list very quickly but have worked tirelessly to do so. They don’t just post 3 tweets a day, post them once on their Facebook page, add something to their LinkedIn stream and relax in their enjoyment. They do not spend 20 minutes a day on social media.

Building a social media presence is like gardening. It requires a system, tools, nutrient supplementation, weed removal, fertilizer, and dealing with bed bugs and other predators in order to harvest a good crop of fruits, vegetables, or flowers. I love gardening and I love social media so it makes sense that it needs the same approaches.

1. Schedule

Even now (in the northern hemisphere where winter is located), farmers are searching for their seed catalogs, finding their needs, and ordering their seeds. They may already have harvested, dried up, and stored the seeds of last year’s harvest (think heirloom tomatoes) for this year’s garden. Those in the southern hemisphere may order bulbs, bulbs, and shrubs.

If these people do not already have a garden, they will need to plan where to place it so that it gets the required sun, has good drainage, and is easy. They will need to decide which plants, trees, or shrubs grow well in their climate and what types of food they like to eat so that their work does not go unrewarded.

Most importantly, do not plan anything beyond your control.

In terms of social media, this means exploring each social media platform, its nuances, and the type of business that usually resides there. In other words, who is your best client, and what social media platforms do they use the most?

Which social media platforms such as News and tech are relevant to you and are likely to be used? Some people are confused by Twitter; some are fed up with LinkedIn and others are annoyed by the many Facebook changes. So choose the one (s) you will use. By using Social media we also talk about Instagram and other social media platforms.

Again, the most important thing is not to plan for anything beyond your control. Choose 2 most and focus on learning and developing those social media platforms first. Then you can add another one as you see fit.

2. Tools

As we all know there are many farming tools out there but there are a few tried and true tools that work better than others. A fork, a shovel, a shovel, a plow, a pitcher, and so on.

There are also tools that can be used on Social Media.

In addition to the basic sites and related apps for smartphones, there are Hootsuite, Market Me Suite, Tweetdeck, Buffer, Sprout Social, and a host of other tools you can use to spend your time on social media. Do some research to see which one fits you best.

3. Nutrient supplementation

Just as a lot of soil needs extra nutrients like peat, sand (if it has a lot of clay), and fertilized things to produce a good crop, so does your social media platform.

Setting up your social media profiles correctly using your keywords, your website, and other social media links (as space allows), adding your own image and interesting stories about you is the best food on your social media platforms.

Nutrients on social media also come in the form of content (both yours and selected content).

Your content can be success tips for your specific niche or blog post that provides valuable information to your readers.

Selected content is content that you acquire and share from people who are trusted in your industry (or who provide them with general information of your interest). It may be inspiring quotes.

You may have noticed that I did not include sales areas in the elemental category BUT if you have developed (another name for gardens) a good relationship with your fans, your contributions will likely be seen as nutritious.

4. Fertiliser

All plants need fertilizer to help them grow. Communication forums also need fertilizer. I believe this comes in the form of nations, tribes, Tweet circles, sharing circles like Social Buzz Club, Facebook sharing groups, etc. Other entries may be posting your articles on article sites like EzineArticles and posting and commenting on others. people blog posts.

5. Weed Removal

COMBINING IS SOMETHING I DON’T enjoy but it is a necessary evil. It was very bad when I lived on an area of ​​10 hectares of newly reclaimed land that was full of soap. I must have spent 16 hours a week just pulling weeds! As a result, I understood why God created winter – to give young people rest!

In social media, weed removal is necessary but thankfully it is easily accomplished.

I’ve seen a lot of people break up with their friends on Facebook because they no longer connect with the people they want to contact or care about who you really see what they’re sharing (it doesn’t mean you don’t want strangers. Viewing your kids or home photos, Many women have chosen not to join Foursquare due to security concerns – there is no need to encourage detectives.


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