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Streamlining Medication Management in Brazil: A Closer Look at the SNGPC Intellitools System


The successful launch of this SNGPC intellitools.com.br has brought about a substantial shift in the pharmaceutical landscape of Brazil. This system provides a comprehensive solution for managing antibiotics and controlled medicinal products. It is specifically made to meet the needs of compounding pharmacies and drugstores around the nation. We shall examine the salient characteristics and advantages of the SNGPC Intellitools System in this article, highlighting its function in improving operational effectiveness and guaranteeing adherence to regional regulations.

Features of the SNGPC Intellitools System:

  1. Unified Medication Management: One of the primary strengths of the SNGPC Intellitools System is its ability to bring together all the essential tools required for working with controlled medications and antibiotics. By streamlining treatments, this integrated method eliminates the complexity involved in managing medicines for businesses.
  2. XML File Transmission: The system facilitates seamless XML file transmission, a crucial aspect of regulatory compliance. This feature ensures that pharmacies can easily transmit the necessary data to the ANVISA SNGPC System portal, meeting the stringent requirements set by regulatory authorities.
  3. Automated Report Generation: The SNGPC Intellitools System goes beyond basic functionality by automating the generation of reports essential for local inspections. Pharmacies using this system can effortlessly produce reports such as BMPO, RMNR, and RMP, among others, streamlining the documentation process and saving valuable time.

Support and Assistance:

From the initiation of the free trial period, customers of the SNGPC Intellitools System have access to a dedicated support team. Comprising qualified professionals with in-depth knowledge of both the SNGPC Intellitools System and the ANVISA SNGPC System portal, this support team ensures that users receive prompt assistance and guidance throughout their experience.

Addressing Regional Variances:

Recognizing the unique requirements of the municipalities of São Paulo and ABC Paulista, the SNGPC Intellitools System offers a tailored solution – the SNGPC São Paulo System. This specialized version of the program aligns with the specific demands set by COVISA, ensuring pharmacies in these regions meet regulatory standards seamlessly.


As the pharmaceutical industry in Brazil evolves, the SNGPC Intellitools System emerges as a pivotal tool for pharmacies and drugstores. Its ability to integrate various tools, streamline processes, and facilitate compliance with local regulations positions it as a valuable asset for businesses in the sector. Whether during the free trial period or as a long-term customer, the support team associated with the system stands ready to assist, emphasizing a commitment to customer success and regulatory adherence. For those considering an upgrade in their medication management systems, the SNGPC Intellitools System proves to be a comprehensive and reliable choice.


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