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10 Critical SEO Tips for Your “About Us” Page


Websites play a key role in today’s digital marketing. After the homepage, About Us is the most impactful page of a website. It introduces customers to everything your business stands for. Thus, it should be concise yet meaningful, effective, and rightly optimised for SEO.

Many think About Us pages do not need SEO, especially beginners. However, they also get optimised — in a different way. You can relax if you have signed up for professional SEO services in Wollongong. But doing this on your own can be tough.

So, here’s a guide to give you a good understanding of what optimising an About Us page means. Take a good look, as this is incredibly important!

1. Craft Compelling Content

Content comes first! This may not sound like SEO, but believe it, content is the greatest form of SEO. Without it, no optimisation is possible. Hence, focus on crafting compelling content with the help of a professional if you can.

Make it an interesting narrative that captivates your audience. Talk about your journey, goals, achievements, and more that matter to your readers. Such connectable content can increase the chances of your page being shared and linked to.

Once all your content is ready, then comes the inclusion of target keywords.

2. Keyword Research

This step is common and crucial in every optimisation. For your About Us page also, you should find keywords that are both relevant to your business and reflect what your audience might be searching for.

You can use platforms like SEMrush or Google’s Keyword Planner to identify the keywords that suit your industry the most.

3. Optimise Page Title and Meta Description

Your About Us page also has a page title and meta description, just like any other webpage. Before anything else, make the title concise, relevant, and keyword-friendly.

Similarly, the meta description must also include a brief summary of your business — something your visitors expect. All this optimisation will encourage click-throughs from search engine results pages.

4. Mobile Responsive Page

The use of mobile devices has increased dramatically. We may or may not use laptops every day, but we surely use our mobile devices at least once daily. The voice search sometimes, while the traditional search the other times. Nevertheless the approach, we use the web through mobiles every day.

Therefore, our websites, including the About Us page, must be mobile-friendly. This optimisation ensures a smooth experience for those accessing your page through their phones.

5. Internal Linking

As much as it is useful in blog posts, internal linking can also be quite useful in the About Us page of your website. It can boost the visibility of the page.

So, make sure to link to other relevant pages on your website, such as the homepage, products page, or even blog posts. It helps with the navigation and spreads link equity across your site.

6. Monitor User Engagement

Generally, user engagement is comparatively higher on other pages than About Us. It does not imply you should dismiss it. It is a better idea to try and enhance user engagement on every page, including About Us.

Key metrics to track include bounce rate, time on the page, shares, and backlinks. For example, a high bounce rate may indicate that visitors are not finding the content engaging or relevant. Similarly, a longer time on the page suggests that users are more interested in your story.

7. Use High-Quality Images

Most websites forget to include images on the About Us page, but it can be an effective strategy to improve user engagement.

So, incorporate high-quality images of your team, workspace, or products. Make sure to optimise these images for fast loading times and include descriptive alt text to make them more search engine-friendly.

8. Make Regular Page Updates

Your About Us page should not remain static. As your business evolves, you need to update this page to reflect current information, achievements, and goals. It’s because search engines favour fresh content, and updating this page can help improve its SEO performance.

Not only for SEO, it will also help in staying connected with the audience by communicating recent news about your business.

9. Display Testimonials and Awards

Share your customer testimonials, awards, or other recognition your business has received on the About Us page. Positive feedback from customers adds social proof and enhances your online reputation, while awards provide third-party validation of your excellence.

Overall, it boosts credibility and improves SEO in various ways, such as local SEO benefits and rich snippets.

10. Include Contact Information

Last but not least, add your contact information on your About Us page, even if you have a dedicated Contact Us page.

So, to achieve this, you need to provide accurate and updated contact information, including your physical address, phone number, and email. This information enhances local SEO and helps Google verify the legitimacy of your business.

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