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Top 8 Chrome Extensions to Help you Out

Top 8 Chrome Extensions to Help you Out

Top 8 Chrome Extensions to Help you Out. If you are using Google Chrome only as a browser then you know nothing about Google Chrome. Google Chrome browser has so many functions that if you use it well. You will be able to do a lot of things with Google Chrome just like an expert.

If you’re a digital marketer, freelancer these free chrome extensions are a must. Many freelancers and digital marketers are using these Google Chrome extensions. They are making huge money using these extensions. As you may have noticed, any work requires some tools to make the work much easier and better. In the same way, the most difficult task becomes much easier due to the Chrome extension. And gets in very little time. Just need to know about extensions what is their purpose and how to use the extensions. Extensions will make your work much easier. Let’s start what are the top 7 Chrome Extensions to Help you Out.

Fivlytics Chrome extension

Fivlytics is a recently introduced Chrome extension. This is great and totally free extension. Using it, you can easily research the keyword of Fiverr. If you have created a gig and you don’t know its rank, you can use it to check the rank of the gig. Also if you do not show the buyer name while sending the buyer request. Then you can know the buyer name because of it. If you want to write a quality proposal or send a quality buyer request and the buyer’s name is known. You can send a personalized buyer request. Another advantage is that you can do Keyword research in it. Write the keyword on which the gig is to be created and research it. As well as when you search, this extension will tell you how many gigs there are in total. And how many number of sellers are Online.


What Runs gives you a lot of data on what competitor websites are using for their marketing. It shows you their marketing tools, What trackers they’re running.

And above all, it gives you radical transparency and clarity into any E-Com site.

You can use this info for marketing audits too.


This chrome extension is like What Runs but tells you what font websites are using.

To use this one, just hover over the text and it gives you a font popup.

Video Speed controller

You can use this to speed watch any video.

I like to use this for when I’m funnel hacking other brands to speed watch their brand videos and analyze their storytelling.

So overall, it helps you consume marketing content from competitors more efficiently.

Downloader for Instagram

This one essentially allows you to download any picture you want from Instagram.

That way, you can use marketing assets straight from your client’s profile.

I like to scroll through the photos and download anything we could use for ad creatives or anything we could use as inspiration from competitors.

Remove recommendations

I use this one to remove distractions on YouTube and Facebook newsfeed.

As entrepreneurs, preserving our attention and focus is crucial.


Loom is a video recording software and I use this on a daily basis.

It’s really good for:

Communication with clients
Team communication
Client outreach

Facebook pixel helper

The Facebook Pixel is the website ‘cookie’ Facebook uses to track the people that have landed on your website and understand the actions and buyer intent they have shown.

This extensions lets you know whether a prospect’s has a Facebook Pixel installed or not.

I hope you are now understand very well  how Top 8 Chrome Extensions to Help you Out?


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