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Top free Seo chrome extensions for Blogger and WordPress

Top free Seo chrome extensions for Blogger and WordPress


Top free Seo chrome extensions for Blogger and WordPress. What are the top free seo chrome extensions for Blogger and WordPress? Let’s know. Today I will tell you about Google Chrome extensions, which are absolutely free and you don’t have to pay anyone. This will have the benefit of making the job much easier and more comfortable.

For example, if you use Google analytics, log in to it, but let me tell you an extension of it. You don’t have to click anything, simply open your website, then you may see all of the information there. Reading the full content i have started to tell you many extensions that will help you work somewhere. Anyone working online or anyone working on internet, is working in any field. He should know about these free Google Chrome extensions. These extensions are totally free and any can use these extensions. Using these extensions will help you get the job done faster. Let’s see what are these extensions and what are their features.

 Page Analytic

First go to Google Chrome, there you will fine the app option. After going the app option, go the web store type the first extension in the search page option is Page Analytic. Page analytics is an Google extension. Because of this we see website traffic. How many people’s have visited our website. To install it, there will be an option on the top right, click on add to Chrome. After the addition is added, its icon will be shown on the top right.

Simple Allow copy

Second free extension is simple allow copy. This is also the same way. Search in search page option Simple Allow Copy. After searching, click Add to extension. When the extension is added, its icon will be display. After clicking the icon close the Google analytic extension. The advantage of this extension is that you will have seen many websites which have disable right click. Right – click disable mean that the content of those websites can not be copied and pasted. The extension allows you to copy and paste content form websites that have a right – click disable.

Seo Quake

The way to install Seo Quake is exactly the same as for the first extensions. After clicking on its icon. A menu will open with the first heading, Parameter. It will show how many numbers the website is ranking in Alexa. How many pages are indexed within Google? All these details will be shown. Clicking on the backlinks option will tell you the total number of backlinks. the number of referring domains. How many backlinks are created in which country, all the details will be shown and what is the traffic source, all these things will be known from this extension.

Screen Castify

If you do not have any type of screen recorder. So for this job this is very good extension . After adding this extension, sing up or login to Google and use it. After recording you can edit, crop and share the video. Anything that you think is very important. Screen recording can be saved for later use. You can save the recorded video in different formats like as mp4 etc.

Picture-in-picture extension (by Google)

To install this extension, type the same name Picture – in – picture (by Google). The biggest benefit of this extension is when you play a video on YouTube. The video plays on full screen. Once this extension is installed, you can drag the video anywhere. If you have opened another website or if you are working in another tab. You can watch video as well. How may times do we watch a tutorial on YouTube. As well as We watch the first tutorial and then go to the website. Then watch the tutorial and then come back to the website. There is no need to do this again and again because of this extension. You can watch the tutorial on the your website.



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