Home Tech How to add location on Google Map by using Android Phones

How to add location on Google Map by using Android Phones

How to add location on Google Map by using Android

How to add location on Google Map by using Android Phones? In the earlier times peoples used to see  and understand the route from the map, which is very difficult task. Now Google Map has solved this problem. It is very simple to build up a location. Google maps was make by Jens Rasmussen and Lars in 2003. Google maps first name was Where 2 Technologies. Jens and Lars was two brothers they developed Where 2 Technologies. After one year, in 2004 they sold it to Google. And then later Google changed its name to Google Map. Google map have more then 1 billion user in the world.

How to add your home and shop location on Google maps? For download this application, open your mobile phone play store. when you will open the play store then search the google map in the search option. After searching the google map application, click on install button. the application will be download and install automatically. When the application installed open the application and search the location what you want. bbnggh bgdh

How you can add your home or store location to Google Maps

You will know all this very well by reading this article in its entirety. You will learn very well how to add Google Map to your home store location and how to index it in Google. Or to put it simply, how you put your home or business location on Google Maps.

What will be the benefit from this?

• The benefit will be huge. This will make it easier for your customers to find it Customers will easily find your location by searching.

• People search and locate your place of work with help of Google map.

• It is easy to tell whether we want to go south or north.

• You can add full details of your business on Google Maps such as address, contact number, e-mail, business timing, images.
• In research process and creates excellent connection Google Maps helps.


location on Google maps


Now let’s see how to add location on Google maps:

First, open Google Maps from your mobile phone. It is very simple to build up a location. Click on the three lines on the left side top corner.  Click the three-line button, click Add a missing place. After clicking on Add a missing place, type the name of the place in the menu that appears, If you want to add a business location, then select its category.

After that you have to give exactly the location that needs to be added. If you are sitting in the same place, click on the GPS button, When you click on GPS, it will automatically pick up your current location. If you want to give another location, click on located with another place and you can type the location manually. ,You can give the location by clicking on the map if you want. After selecting the location, press the OK button at the top right. Once OK, the location will be added to the world and people can search your location from anywhere. The most important thing to do after doing this is to give your Details mobile number, shop opening and closing timing, pictures, website etc.

Advantages of adding details on Google maps

The advantage of giving all these details is that the customer will be able to contact very easily without any difficulty After doing everything, Google will make it online in 24 hours. You only have to wait for 24 hours, after 24 hours This way you can add any missing place the location will be shown in Google Map. This way you can add any missing place.




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