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Reasons Why Every Company Needs Marketing Automation Software

Reasons Why Every Company Needs Marketing Automation Software
Reasons Why Every Company Needs Marketing Automation Software


Reasons Why Every Company Needs Marketing Automation Software. Marketing automation is often mentioned in the same context as autobots and robots. It would be pretty cool for robots to do all our marketing, but that is not what we are going to discuss here. Instead, we will mainly focus on marketing automation and all the ways it can benefit your company.

What is the marketing automation? Not robots, but a software that navigates the process of automating systems and marketing or ad processes. With simpler words – it is a software that will help your marketing and sales departments be more efficient and make every marketing effort count. Let’s investigate all the benefits in more detail. Here are the Reasons Why Every Company Needs Marketing Automation Software.

1. Improved Efficiency

As already stated above, by hiring a marketing automation agency and trusting them to install the software you will see better results from both sales and marketing departments in a short period of time.

And if that is not enough, by implementing this software you will free up precious time for your marketing and sales agents, and allow them to have more focus to work on important projects and future marketing strategies. The teams can brainstorm new, fresher ideas and be creative enough to come up with exciting projects for them to work on. They won’t waste their time hunting uninterested leads.
And let’s not forget that by working on an automation software your team will be able to post on social media, design an email campaign, post on blogs, and create landing pages all on one platform. Amazing, and time-efficient, right?

2. Improved Marketing and Sales Collaboration

One way to make more sales and increase profit is to combine the efforts both of these departments make and use the same software to implement them. You will surely get better results and bigger profits in no time.

By efficient collaboration, agents will be able to convert marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads faster and with accuracy. Statistics show that companies which use marketing automation software can expect an increase of sales of up to 14%.

3. Personalized Marketing Strategies

The manual entry of data will be replaced with creative work. This will undoubtedly lead to more personalized content material. All this is due to the information received by the marketing automation software.

The reports it will automatically generate will tell your creative team what exactly are customers looking for, and which type of content is most engaging for them. You can target your potential marketing qualified leads on different platforms at the same time – social media, email, or search ads.

4. Lead Scoring

This is another ability of marketing automation software. Your sales team will be notified once a lead converts from marketing qualified to a sales qualified lead. Then they can start working their magic. Once a lead scores enough points (previously assigned by your teams for different actions customers make), it will enter the next phase.

This is when sales agents know they can start with their offers and work only with customers that are really interested in the product or service your company provides. They won’t waste any time on leads that are in the research phase and haven’t yet shown any real interest or engagement concerning your offers.

5. Improved Data Management

You probably already concluded this from the above mentioned facts, but marketing automation platforms will keep a detailed track of all leads that enter your web site, and will provide a full report about their level of engagement as well.
Managing all that data can’t be done faster and in a simpler manner than this. Moreover, it will always stay up to date thanks to this platform.

6. Lead Nurturing Done Right

Believe it or not, thanks to the modern technology used in this marketing automation software – lead nurturing is now possible and done right. This is the platform where your teams will create and design drip email campaigns. And they will additionally be able to track how successful each of them really is out there in the real world among possible customers.

This entire process will help teams to convert leads into sales prospects more successfully and in a shorter time period.

7. Accurate Reporting

Many see reporting analytics as an exhausting process, but not anymore. This software will generate automated reports that will provide accurate and up to date data. Moreover, by trusting this type of software you will receive high-level overviews of the entire marketing process. Your marketing and sales departments work on.

This way they will be able to tell if a strategy doesn’t work, or needs fixing. This is invaluable information that will help your team be as efficient as they possibly can. They will know the friction points, and will try to find ways to fix them.
These reports include information like do leads walk away when they see our email campaigns. Or are they annoyed by anything the sales agents are doing? Whatever the data, accurate analytics can save you a lot of time and money.



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