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Top 3 Kids Monitoring Problems And Their Digital Solutions

Top 3 Kids Monitoring Problems And Their Digital Solutions


Top 3 Kids Monitoring Problems And Their Digital Solutions. Parenting in the age of all the gadgets and devices is hard. These modern and revolutionized technology influenced the daily life routines of every person. As every second of our lives revolve around one or other kind of gadget. From smartphones to smart TV, tablet, laptops smart homes every aspect is going smart. There is no doubt in the fact that without any hesitation we are loving it. With all the power comes the great responsibility of managing things in the most balanced way, but unfortunately, we lack in this field. We are just going with the flow in terms of all the luxuries and benefits but when it comes to the aftermath, we are unable to calculate the real damage.

For example,

these screens are affecting the lives of the younger generation in many ways. A kid of 3 to 4 age know how to use a smartphone and want to watch the videos and cartoons on the YouTube. On the other hand, research has already proved that too much screen usage for kids can affect their growth and mental and physical health. Similarly, the teen is getting addicted to all social media game and fame. They want to share every event of their life with strangers on Instagram and Facebook which can be very dangerous. So to keep up with all the digital hacks we are going to tell you about some simple tips and tricks that are necessary to use to deal with today’s’ generation.

The solution to so many problems is simple and easy and it’s a one-way out i.e. A Kids monitoring software like Ogymogy . It will keep an eye on your teenager’s life and activities for you and you will have remote access to all the gadget related content. So step up your monitoring game with Ogymogy and make sure your teenager is living a healthy, toxic free life.

Let’s discussed Some solution of Kids Monitoring


Location and Movement Tracking Problem:

Here are the Top 3 Kids Monitoring Problems And Their Digital Solutions. Kids tend to make secret plans to meet friends and circle and have secret hideouts for this purpose. Parents become worried sick when they cant get in touch with teenagers especially in the after-school party scenarios etc. So phone tracker allows the user to know about the exact location of their kid in real-time. Users have access to the history of movements and whereabouts of the target person. So know about their plans and hideouts beforehand with Ogymogy. User can even mark a virtual safe and restricted zone on google map for the kids as well. Thus any movement around the marked zone will be notified to the user by the location tracking feature immediately.

Instant Messaging Apps And Sms/Call Log Problems:

The instant messaging monitoring features that allow the user to keep an eye on the instant messaging app chats of the teenagers. Users can know about the kind of media shared on the apps, people in the contact list, group chats, call details, and so on. The kids monitoring app for android also offers call recording and SMS log features that give remote access to all the incoming and outgoing call details of the target person.
The kids monitoring software offers features in the form of deals and packages. So users can select the package of their choice that contains most of the demanded features. Ogymogy is a cost-efficient kids monitoring app and has a user-friendly interface. So parents who are not that good with the smart gadget can also use the app for monitoring purposes.

Screen Obsession Problem:

Teenagers of this generation are obsessed with screens whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. These gadgets are multifunctional thus can be used for educational purposes as well as entertainment or communication etc. Ogymogy lets the user know about the screen activities of the kids by offering a screen recording feature. Users can watch the screen of the target person in real-time. Ogymogy also saves the screen activities of the target person in the form of short videos and snapshots. Moreover, this feature records every activity detail with a time stamp. So keep an eye on the screen activities of your teenager and make sure they are not into any violent games, dating apps or adult content, etc.



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