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How to activate Instagram Dark mode?

How to activate Instagram Dark mode?


How to activate Instagram dark mode before you should be know what is Instagram? Instagram is abbreviated as IG or insta. It is an American photo and video sharing platform that is owned by Facebook. It was make and designed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.
Insta was launched in October 2010 originally for iOS. Later after two years, the Android version was released in April 2012.

This is one of the trending social media applications. With over a million users interacting on its platform every day, Instagram has now become the place for teenagers and Youngsters as well as for Celebrities. It concentrates to get attached and share stories.

What is the dark mode and why use it?

Most of you might have wondered about the Dark mode for the Instagram feature. The reason behind many other applications adapting to this dark mode is that there are right lot of scientifically proven experiments that prove that the blue light emitted by the screen of your mobile phones and laptop are very dangerous for the user eye. Nowadays, we require spending a lot of time with our smartphones and laptops for our daily work and entertainment. Keeping this in mind dark mode was launched. You will be able after read the complete article How to activate Instagram Dark mode?

This will make us understand between day and night and reduce the disturbances in the sleep cycle. Saving of battery is one of the main advantages of using dark mode.
The advantage of this is that it puts less pressure on the eyes. Phone bettry is less used and lasts longer.

Instagram provides many other features to all users. As we talked about Dark Mode. There are many other features Instagram has just changed. When we communicate with the users even if we are using dark mode there are still more features like themes and vanish mode. Instagram provides many themes to select according to their taste.

How to activate Instagram Dark mode:

To enable dark mode on your phone. You must have to download Instagram Application and having your account. First, you have to click on your profile button then you will see a bar of three lines at the right top after that a window will appear showing the setting’s option. After clicking on the Settings option a window with a lot of features will appear then select the Theme option then Select Dark Mode to use Dark Mode for your Instagram.



Instagram is now also providing the Vanish mode feature in messaging to any user you want. Vanish mode helps the user to talk in private and After send and receiving messages once you read all the messages will disappear. They will not be stored as they are stored in the inbox in normal mode. This feature will let us know even if another person takes a screenshot or something like that. Instagram provides us both Normal mode and Vanish mode. We can use both modes whenever and wherever we want according to our needs.


We should be sure that Instagram is going to roll out this dark mode feature and Vanish mode soon. But for the people who want to use it first, you have to go through the process above. You can enjoy your dark mode on Instagram and feel stress-free.



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