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5 Best ways to protect your mobile screen from sustaining a crack

5 Best ways to protect your mobile screen from sustaining a crack
5 Best ways to protect your mobile screen from sustaining a crack


5 Best ways to protect your mobile screen from sustaining a crack. A survey revealed that almost 71% of mobile phone repairs are related to a cracked display. Most devices today come with enhanced scratch resistant screens, along with robust screen guards that can prevent cracks. Nevertheless, damage to a phone’s screen is all too common.

A screen replacement is costly, resulting in a hefty financial burden on owners. Since protecting the display may not be possible at all times, individuals can also look into mobile insurance plans. These policies are easy-on-the-pocket alternatives to funding a mobile screen replacement.

Additionally, following a few simple steps can also improve the chances of protecting your phone’s display when it comes to avoiding cracks or breakages.

5 Nifty tips to prevent phone display damage

Individuals who do not own mobile phone insurance policies should practice the following without fail. Here is the 5 Best ways to protect your mobile screen from sustaining a crack.

1. Install a tempered glass over the phone display

Tempered glasses are cheap and effective in keeping mobile screen damage at bay. Besides protecting against cracks, these ensconces also prevent scratches on the glass surface, thereby maintaining the integrity of your device’s display. Keep in mind that in case of shocks or bumps, a tempered glass absorbs most of the force. Thus, it can crack easily and may need to be replaced at regular intervals.

2. Purchase a bumper case for the phone

Alongside availing a mobile insurance plan online, opting for a hardy case only ensures added protection. These cases or covers not only prevent damage to the phone screen but also its entire body.
However, one of the major drawbacks of such a cover is that it can compromise the aesthetic value of the device significantly. Hardy cases also tend to be on the heavier side, thereby increasing the overall weight of the handset.
These are some of the trade-offs that individuals need to make to ensure safety of mobile phone displays. Owning a mobile insurance plan in India can reduce phone-related stress as you can avail compensation for any damage that it suffers.

3. Do not keep heavy items on your phone

One of the commonest reasons for screen damage is that individuals tend to place heavy pressure on it without realizing it. For instance, if you sit with your phone in your back pocket, the entire body weight applies to the device. Such careless handling can jeopardies the device and its display.

One prone to doing such things should opt for a reliable mobile protection plan since a tempered glass or case will not be able to stave off such damages. Bajaj Finserv offers a Mobile Screen Insurance policy under its Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions, which can enable one to fund a screen replacement when necessary. Insurance like Samsung mobile protection plan, One plus protection plan, and more.

4. Keep your phone in a safe place

Users generally have a habit of chucking their phone in the first place they can after attending a call. However, carelessly keeping the device in your purse or bag with metallic items, such as coins or keys, can lead to scratches or other damages to the phone’s display. A better alternative is to be wary of where you are keeping the handset at all times. If necessary, assign a separate space within your bag for the phone.

A mobile insurance policy in place is always wise to avoid financial repercussions from accidental cracks or scratches to the screen. Also, apart from keeping the phone safe, one must pay equal attention in maintaining the safety of his/her mobile charger as any loss or damage to it can also stop phone usage. Mobile charger insurance plans can curtail replacement costs if you happen to damage the phone charger in some way.

5. Use a phone holder in your car

Using your phone while driving is always a risk even though you may need to utilize it to navigate. However, trying to drive with the phone in your hand not only endangers the device but also your life. The solution lies in using a phone holder, which keeps the device securely in place. Thus, the risk of dropping your phone while driving is severely reduced with such a product.

If you require enhanced financial protection against screen damage, buy mobile insurance policy online at the earliest after purchasing the device. Gadget-savvy individuals must also acquire a fitness wearables insurance plan to reduce unplanned expenses related to accidental damage to their smart watches.

Choose a reliable mobile insurance company and opt for a policy offering sufficient reimbursement for screen replacements and associated costs. It is especially essential for individuals with premium handsets, where a screen replacement can lead to significant expenses.


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