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Building your Dream PC with Modern Technology

Building your Dream PC with Modern Technology
Building your Dream PC with Modern Technology


Building your Dream PC with Modern Technology. No one wants to invest in a PC only to find out it doesn’t meet their requirements. PC lovers would argue that PC building is a very personal procedure. It would be best if you had a clear idea of what you are getting into as PC components can be costly. And investing in the wrong stuff can be a massive blow to your wallet. Despite that, PC building is a lot simple than most would think. It requires knowledge of the basic components to get the computer up. And running as well as a plan of what you want to achieve with the PC. Mostly PC building is associated with gaming, and the term is well known among gamers.

However, anybody who uses a PC can build their own PC. If they want the best package for their price. PC building allows for a lot of versatility, which is one reason why it is so popular. Pre-built packages can be more expensive than the actual worth of the device. If you were to build it, and you also lose the customizability you get with your own build.

Things to keep in mind

The first thing you need to decide on is the workspace that will host your computer. Many beginners are excited to get on with the PC itself and eventually fail to provide the workspace it needs. Ensure that the place where you are planning to keep. Your system has enough space for a desk and the peripherals you want to keep. Another vital thing to consider is the power supply. And your wire management system. Which can significantly affect your space’s aesthetics. Your PC must get the appropriate power, and your workspace should have enough ports. So that the system and other peripherals can draw power conveniently.

Building your Dream PC with Modern Technology. Decide on an appropriate budget beforehand so you don’t go overboard with a single component. Since there are many PC parts, and you could easily lose money in a lot of places if you are not careful.

The Motherboard

The motherboards perhaps the first component anyone will remember when building a PC. It is the main chipset of the system and hosts all the other parts of the computer. The central processor itself lies on this main chipset. As you would have guessed, the mainboard is an essential component, so you will need to make sure all of the other parts are compatible with your chipset. Computer boards can come in a lot of shapes, sizes, and features. An excellent way to distinguish between these and buy an appropriate motherboard is buying according to the form factor. Common board form factors are Extended ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX. These form factors can host a different number of RAM modules starting from 2 modules and rising.


The CPU or, more popularly, the ‘brains’ of the computer is the central processor that will handle your system. Buying the appropriate central processor is a technical aspect of PC building, and it is challenging to keep up with the names and model number of every processor that comes out. In the computer world, core count refers to the number of processors your CPU contains, and Clock Speed refers to the speed at which the processors achieve their tasks. An excellent way to know the capabilities of a processor is going after the processor’s generation. Currently, Intel is providing the 10th Generation of Intel Processors, and these are also expensive depending on the power they provide.

Another efficient way to find your appropriate processor is to search according to the main processor’s price point or tier level, e.g., Mid-range, High-range, etc. Remember to know your requirements while doing so, as people tend to forget the processor’s use case when mulling over prices.

Computer Memory

Memory or RAM is a popular PC component and determines how fast your system performs in real-life scenarios. You can notice the effects of insufficient RAM when your multi-task and notice lag. Gaming computers nowadays use 8-16 GB of RAM, while 4 GB might be enough if you plan to get normal usage out of your system like typing, emailing, watching content, etc. Finding the sweet spot with memory is of supreme importance since going overboard is a waste of cash, and going too low could seriously limit your PC’s performance.


Most people believe storage only increases your computer’s space, but this isn’t entirely true. An excellent storage component can tremendously improve your computer’s performance, reduce the load time of applications, boost up file transfer speed, and all-in-all provide a snappy user experience. SSD’s are a popular option nowadays since people have witnessed the improvements first-hand. The older HDD might be suitable for a person who has a low budget since HDDs are highly accessible and cheap.

Case and Cooling System

A computer case with Modern Technology brings all your components together for easy manageability and aesthetics. Choose a case that can easily host all your parts and is open for airflow to prevent dust cluttering up. Many modern computer cases have built-in cooling systems or fans. Depending on your system’s power, you might also want to invest in a separate cooling system. Many robust gaming systems feature liquid cooling, which gives a futuristic vibe to your set-up. You can also go for the regular fan system if you don’t want to go overboard. Nevertheless, adequate cooling and ventilation are the basic requirements of any machine.


Building your Dream PC with Modern Technology. We hope you now have all the basic understanding of the different computer components and how they help you achieve the perfect PC. Ultimately, it all boils down to what you want out of your system and what your budget is. Considering the budget constraints one can always search for their desired computer hardware from websites like Bulk Devices and get products that are not heavy on the wallets. Apart from gaming, an excellent PC can serve you in a lot of other ways and help boost your productivity too. A computer build is one of the best investments you can make in today’s digitalized world as most of the tasks today are done on computers.



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