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how to delete Reddit history on a phone

how to delete Reddit history


How to delete Reddit history on a phone? Reddit is one of the most popular and favorite sites on the web. Read it is a discussion forum online. Where people could create posts and the user could give that post an upvote or a download an arrow up or arrow down. The post with the most upvotes goes up to the top of the page. Thanks to how easy it is to browse through your favorite curated content. From news to humor criticism to politics, there’s plenty of content on Reddit to keep your stock online for hours.

How to delete Reddit history on Android or iPhone

Many peoples don’t know how to delete Reddit history on a mobile phone. If you want to delete Reddit history on your phone read this article attentively. Open the Reddit app on your phone. After opening the Reddit app follow these steps to delete Reddit history on a mobile phone. So for this first of all make sure you’re connected to a good wifi connection or good mobile sim data. Then open your Reddit app when your app opens you will automatically land on your Reddit app home page. On the top left corner, you’ll see a profile icon. Tap on it so that before clearing the Reddit history you’d like to see what history your Reddit account has. Poses at the moment so just tap on Reddit history and see for yourself.

The action that you’ve done over the last time that you’ve used Reddit. After this go back again then repeat the process and then go to settings. Now when you go to setting scroll down a bit and then you will see an option that says clear local history. Tap on clear local history and select it again and then here it says that your local history has been cleared. Now to check this, you can simply go back to your history. By tapping on the top left corner here you will see that all your Reddit history has been deleted. Except for the post that you saved earlier. So this is how to delete Reddit history on a mobile phone. I’m sure after doing the above steps you’ll understand how to delete Reddit history on an Android or iPhone by using the Reddit app.

How to delete all your Reddit comments

how to delete Reddit history

Let’s start, with how to delete all your Reddit comments without deleting your Reddit account. To delete Reddit comments from your Reddit account start by opening the Reddit homepage within your web browser. Click on your profile in the top right corner. From your profile click the comments tab to load your profile list of comments. In reverse chronological order to delete a single comment, select the menu icon beneath it. Click on delete and then click on the confirmation prompt that appears on Reddit. To remove the content from both your profile and the thread you commented on you can imagine. This would likely get tedious after hours of trying to delete comments this way.

How to delete all Reddit comments with Chrome extension

how to delete Reddit history

So if you’re trying to delete every single comment on your profile once you’ll have to turn to an outside tool to do it. If you found new comment history to be the best way to remove your Reddit commenting history quickly. And without much trouble but you’ll have to make sure you’re using Chrome to run it. Once you’ve added the Chrome extension to your computer. It’s time to delete your comments and make sure you have the new user-profile design.

For Reddit by heading over your profile select the extension at the top of chrome. Then select overwrite and delete all my comments as long as you have the current profile design. New credit history will get to work overwriting and deleting your content first editing your posts before finally deleting them. It’s important to remember that if someone has a saved archive of your Reddit posts. The Chrome extension won’t delete that separate archive still for quickly removing your content from Reddit.



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