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Most Effective Mobile SEO Strategies

Effective Mobile SEO Strategies
Effective Mobile SEO Strategies

Most Effective Mobile SEO Strategies. Most bloggers and webmasters have had some kind of experience with search engine optimization. Things they have to contend with include content creation, keyword research, many types of tags, site layout, etc. Then there are the offsite promotion techniques like social media optimization, link building, and a large number of offline promotion tricks. One could be forgiven to think that a mobile SEO strategy entails the same things but this is not entirely true.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is a little different because smartphones are not designed like desktop and laptop computers. Users have smaller screens, tend to use the keyword with a few fingers, text prediction features not present in PCs, etc. Also, most Smartphone users tend to use their smartphones when on the move e.g. on the bus, when driving, etc. These factors will necessitate the creation of a mobile SEO strategy that accommodates the above variables.

There are a few things you should consider when coming up with a mobile SEO strategy. They include:

Ease of use –

You have to give the user as much information as possible without having a lot of content. No mobile phone user wants to navigate through a content-heavy site when driving. Make it very easy for people to use your site no matter where they are.

Different keywords –

Mobile SEO entails incorporating keywords being used by mobile users. In most cases, these keywords are very different from those used in the normal web. You have to rethink the keywords to use.

Superior browsing experience –

With the exemption of a few sites, most mobile users do not visit the same sites on their desktop and Smartphone. This means that they will gravitate towards mobile sites that offer a superior browsing experience without considering the quality of the corresponding desktop website. This level playing field allows anyone to get high rankings with a good mobile SEO strategy.

That being said, there are a few very effective tips you could incorporate into your mobile SEO strategy to help you get very high SERP rankings. They include:

Mobile optimized content –

you have to create content that easily fits into a smaller website without the user having to turn too many pages and click too many links.

Targeted keywords –

Use keywords that allow a mobile web surfer to get what they are looking for. You can either think up a list or use the many keyword research tools available.

Provide up to date information –

Most mobile phone users use their smartphones to find things e.g. restaurants, shopping malls, tourist attractions, and the like. This means that they will gravitate towards sites with very regularly updated content. When creating the mobile SEO strategy, find ways to incorporate useful information that a user will need on a daily basis e.g. discounts being offered by a certain restaurant, etc.

Think about the browsers –

There are different mobile browsers currently in use. Your mobile site will look different in every one of them. Mobile SEO entails optimizing your site for a few or all the browsers in the market so that all visitors find your site easy to use.

Use a site map –

This is used to let mobile search engine bots easily crawl your site. There are many site map generators on the internet that you can use.

Use mobile portal –

The Backlinks and additional visitors will be vital in your climb up the Search engine result pages

· Create your own app – The app market is exploding. Create a few paid and free apps to take advantage of this craze.

· Use XHTML over WML – This will allow your site to be easily readable to the vast majority of users.

· Linking strategy – Include linking in your mobile SEO endeavors. This can include Backlinks from high-traffic sites, a Backlink from your site, etc.

There are many other things you could do to get high rankings on mobile search engines. Mobile SEO is hard work but the results will be well worth the labor.

Maximize Visibility of Mobile Content

If you have separate Web and mobile versions of your site, don’t keep it a secret thinking search engines might label it duplicate content and penalize you.

As mobile devices become more and more trendy, failure to build a mobile SEO strategy and optimize your site for mobile will put you at a larger disadvantage.

Be sure your content is easy to access on every kind of device a visitor might be using. You’ll help improve both traffic and customer conversion in the process by bringing more potential clients to you online.
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