Home Tech How to Handle Older & Outdated Articles for Optimal SEO

How to Handle Older & Outdated Articles for Optimal SEO

How to Handle Older & Outdated Articles for Optimal SEO
How to Handle Older & Outdated Articles for Optimal SEO

How to Handle Older & Outdated Articles for Optimal SEO. For increasing the traffic of your website, a very good technique is updating the contents that are older. Your website may have published the contents earlier and by using those contents more results can be generated. There is no surety that by creating a new content every time you will always get better results. If you will create and publish a new content every time then there are chances that for a long time nobody touches it. This can result in your website having a lot of old contents without being seen by anybody and these can be present in the form of a backlog. Here are a few tips for handling older and outdated articles for optimal SEO.

1. Take advantage of your old content’s value

By giving an updated relevance and new look to your old content the search engine rankings can be boosted. You just need to freshen up the content a little. This will prevent the wasting of the old work that you have done. If you want  so much traffic you should  generated content. Then a second life needs to be given to it and for that purpose the old content needs to be updated. It doesn’t matter how old your content is. By updating it you can improve its quality and on the basis of quality the chances of it getting a good ranking by Google increase. In the content, developing a number of backlinks will also help you.

2. Use more backlinks for your old content

For improving the rankings, more backlinking needs to be done. The search engines like Google consider it as a very big ranking factor. The article that you publish can get new backlinks if other people are linking to it. Your post’s visibility can increase with this.

3. If the updates in Google create any issue, then you need to fix these

For the success of your content it is necessary that you are aware of any new update in the algorithm of Google. The update can affect the ranking of your content on Google. So, it will be good if you are writing the content as per the latest algorithm update. The various sites’ ranking factor can get changed if there is an improvement in the algorithm with an update. Almost every year 600 updates in the algorith. So, you need to be very careful while creating your content and it should be as per the latest update in the Google algorithm.

4. For the purpose of promoting your old content you need to share it

If you want to skyrocket the rankings of your old content that has been updated recently then you need to share it. This can be done by building a backlink profile that is solid and for this purpose you need to link and reference to influencers that are new. For old articles this strategy will definitely work. If you will use ego-bait then you can get a large number of backlinks. When, for your post, you will contact the influencers then it can help you a lot.

If with the help of social media, you post it and with the help of an email list you share it then you can get so much help from this. For expanding your reach, it will be good if on your page a large number of share buttons exist. All these techniques will help in promoting your old content which has now been updated by you.

5. Take right keywords into consideration for the purpose of optimizing it

Have you ever noticed that for certain keywords your older article runs very well? There is a possibility that before publishing an original post a good keyword research has not been performed by you. In this case you can take the help of Ubersuggest. But for this:
● Enter Your URL  first.
● Then click on “Search” .
● Then on the Sidebar that is present on the Left side the “Keywords” need to be clicked by you.
● Next reviewed results.

This will help you in accessing:

● The organic search’s competition that has been estimated.
● Your website’s monthly traffic that has been estimated for search terms.
● Recent Google ranking for your site for the search term.
● The search volume per month that has been estimated for search terms.
● The search terms for which your website is ranking.

6. Your website’s indexing on Google needs to be improved

If after publishing the content you want that in the SERPs, showing up of the recent information should take place then it is necessary that your site is crawled by Google a lot more. So, for letting this to happen you need to update the old or outdated content.
If you will take advice from a number of digital marketing experts then you can get a lot of help in updating the old content.



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