Home Tech How Augmented Reality Will Be the Future of Social Media?

How Augmented Reality Will Be the Future of Social Media?

How Augmented Reality Will Be the Future of Social Media?
How Augmented Reality Will Be the Future of Social Media?

How Augmented Reality Will Be the Future of Social Media? Internet usage in the future would mean a lot more than simply availing Optimum packages and scrolling through social media. New technology is always changing the online landscape. This means there’s a lot more in store for internet users in the future. Augmented Reality (AR) is one such thing that is sure to shift how you use social media. Here is How Augmented Reality Will Be the Future of Social Media?

What is AR?

People often confuse Augmented Reality (AR) for Virtual Reality (VR). While both are similar, they have some key differences. In virtual reality, you can experience something that has been virtually created from scratch. However, AR builds a connection between the real and virtual worlds. In AR, virtual objects can be projected directly onto parts of real life. Therefore, AR is much more realistic. It allows you to imagine anything within your own, physical world.

AR in Tech

Today, giant tech companies like Apple and Facebook are investing in AR tech to diversify their products. For example, Facebook recently launched the Facebook AR Studio. Using this, developers and artists can create their own, customer AR experiences. This is great for game making and virtual art. However, most internet users probably came across AR for the first time through photo filters. Snapchat, a popular image and message-sharing app, has many filters that use AR. Through AR, users can see realistic images projected onto their camera screens. The possibilities, of course, are endless. Whether it’s a fake animal or a piece of furniture, AR can make anything seem real.

While filters on apps like Snapchat and Instagram often use AR tech, there is much that AR can do. Soon enough, this tech would be as common as any other. Not convinced? Here are some ways AR will affect your interaction with social media.

AR Videos

Augmented Reality is common in pictures. However, its use in video promises a lot of exciting stuff. While games like Pokémon Go made AR popular, there is plenty more you can do with AR. For example, AR videos can completely change social gaming and contact. While in the comfort of your own home, you could meet your friends and opponents inside a virtual world. With AR, you don’t have to take on any other avatar. Instead, you can project your own image into a virtual setting. Similarly, you can talk to or play with the virtual versions of your friends. And within your own physical setting!

Also, AR has the potential to make the movie-watching experience more realistic. A step ahead of 3-D or 4-D movies, AR can make your imagination run wild, and let you share experiences with others.

AR Virtual Stores

Brands can completely change online shopping via social media using augmented reality. Through AR, brands can help customers see their products in real life. For example, users will be able to view exactly how an object will look inside their house. Moreover, whatever the consumer will see will be true to reality. Hence, consumers would be able to see the correct size or dimensions of the products they plan to buy.

Going a step further, online retailers can give their customers a virtual shopping experience. With AR, it is possible that customers would be able to virtually visit a store. Therefore, they will experience a fulfilling shopping experience. Similarly, if a business offers a particular service, it can make users try it out virtually. This would be good for promotions. Also, it will help brands gain customers’ trust. Moreover, branded filters that use AR can boost businesses’ brand image and attract more consumers.

AR Live Events

With progress in the digital world, many experiences have become global. Now, you don’t need to attend an event or celebrate an occasion from a particular place. You can be anywhere in the world and still experience what you want virtually.

With AR, you can stretch this even more. Like live streams, AR live videos can let you experience things in real-time. However, they will even appear real! Whether you want to attend concerts, festivals, educational events, or seminars, you could experience them through AR.

Moreover, Augmented Reality is free from the limits of physical life. Hence, you could share a realistic social experience with an unlimited number of people. Even if they’re from the opposite corner of the world! This is excellent for events like graduation events, global workshops, and even for online teaching. Moreover, offices that operate online can use AR to make remote work a vibrant experience.


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