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The Best Programs to Create Free and Paid Online Logos

The Best Programs to Create Free and Paid Online Logos
The Best Programs to Create Free and Paid Online Logos

The Best Programs to Create Free and Paid Online Logos. Logos are an important part of the corporate identity of a company or personal brand. With the help of logos, people can remember your brand, which is important because that reminder can bring many profits.

Although creating perfect logos is a graphic designer’s work, you can create quality logos if you have graphic design knowledge with the best programs to create logos online, whether they are free or paid.

Programs to create logos online for free or paid


DesignnEvo is a website where creating logos is the beginning of an exciting experience. It has various theme logo templates. So, for example, if your niche is music. This does not mean that there are few designs of this type since this platform has more than 1000 logo templates, wherewith 3 or 4 clicks, you may be downloading your logo.

The good thing is you can try and use DesignEvo to create your logo with registration. The bad thing about this website is that if you want to download the logo, you will have your DesignEvo account.

Downloading the logo in low resolution to show it to a graphic designer can be an excellent idea so that they know your design expectations, or you can pay $24.99 and get the logo ready to be used in your company or as a personal stamp.


Web applications like FreeLogoDesign allow you to create logos so fast that you will have them ready before removing your hand from the mouse. With this site, you have to choose a logo as a template, some elongated shapes that adapt to the width necessary to function as a YouTube logo, edit a little text, and you will have it ready in less than 10 minutes.

Like other logo creation sites, this one asks for a payment of $49 to download the high-resolution logo. In this way, you can print your creation on a large scale and use it in a store, but since what you are looking for is a logo for YouTube, it will be enough with the dimensions of 200 x 200.

An interesting idea: Place a black background to make the dots and watermarks with the name of the publishing site “disappear,” and duplicate the layers of elements with light colors, after that, take a screenshot, and you will have a logo that, although it does not have a resolution for professional use, will not have poor quality.


Creating a logo for your brand or company is fine, but what if we add details that make it more interesting? One of these details could be the 3D effect, which you achieve by playing with depths and perspectives.

If creating a 3D logo is not exciting enough for you, we will recommend a site where you can also animate said logo with certain effects. It becomes a small intro to what your brand is, something very useful in presentations.

The ideal website to create a gaming logo is RenderForest, where there are logos for every taste. When you finish choosing the title and slogan, this website shows you a preview of how it would be stamped on different materials.

In Render Forest, you can not only create beautiful logos with a professional style. But you can also give them a beautiful animation to serve to give an innovative touch to any demonstration video of your company or personal brand.

Doing so is very simple. You need to log into the site with your Google account. And select the logo that you have already created with this site or another.

After selecting your brand logo, you can add a slogan below it. The slogan text is placed just below the field to upload the image corresponding to your logo. Besides, you can define different parameters such as the animation style. Its colors and even if you want the logo animation to be accompanied by music.

To download the logo, you will have to create an account. To access the high-resolution image, you will have to pay a small fee as in other cases.


Canva will leave you a fairly clear message when you access it and is “design what you want” is a perfect description for what. You can do since it offers hundreds of options, designs and effects to edit the available designs.

Canva is not limited to creating logos, and you can also create video mini-clips and 3D logos in motion. Apart from knowing what the right measures to create the identity in the logo format of different social networks are.

All it asks you in return is to sign in with your Google account or create an account. But since they must generate income, most graphic materials. Such as clipart or stock photos are paid but don’t worry. You can upload your own images and play with them as you like.


The Best Programs to Create Free and Paid Online Logos. These have been the best sites for creating free logos and logo drafts. Either way, remember that professionals can design a unique logo for the same price that these sites offer.


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